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H I N T S ---------

The following is a book of notes entitled "The World Beneath Waterdeep". It contains selected notes from the self-proclaimed "famous archaeologist" Wently Kelso. The notes refer to the maps int the Maps section. They describe his expedition to the deepest depths of the sewers of Waterdeep.

Level 1 - Upper Sewer Level (p. 16)

Our guide is a mangy humanoid of indeterminate species. I can't pronounce his real name, so I call him Bennet, in honor of my mangy half-brother on my mothers side of the family. As we followed Bennet into the tunnels and catacombs of the sewer system, we can hear the soft foot steps of large dog-like creatures known as kobolds.

3. This area was used to control the water flow through the first level of the sewer system. If the water flowed from the north, certain passageways would close to prevent the water from flooding the level. The same would happen if the water flowed from the east.

12. According to the city sewer layout, some of the doors require a constant flow of water over their pressure plate to remain open. Once the water stopped flowing over the pressure plate, the door would close, to prevent backwash.

16. This is a silly place for a dead end. I wonder if we are missing something here?

18. Our guide, Bennet, pointed out a secret door here. He tried (with our help) to bash the door in with his head, but was unsuccessful. There must be a secret button or lever around here somewhere.

19. Here we found an emergency flood control door. It is designed so that if the area flooded, any trapped workers could open the door by pushing the button. The water would rush down into the second level saving the workers.

21. There is a depression in the north wall with rolled up papers inside. I am surprised that the papers survived. I would have thought that unprotected paper would rot in the sewer.

Level 2 - Middle Sewer Level (p. 17)

We looked down the long dark hole that led to the second level of the sewer system. The smell of rotting flesh filled our nostrils and we decided that the Bennet, our guide, should go down first. Looking down into the dark, he became frightened and stopped about five feet down. We encourage him to continue on by dropping rocks down the hole.

5. There is a secret passage here, but we are unable to find a lever or button that opens the wall.

6. This door was stuck partially open. Bennet gripped the bottom of the door and pulled up as hard as he could. By his whining I assume that he has somehow hurt himself.

9. Bennet has informed us that there is a secret passageway to the north. Now where did that button go to?

15. If we could just hit the pressure plate beyond the pit, I know the pit would close. I wonder how heavy our guide is?

24. Our guide was overcome by sewer gas. He spun around a couple of times and ended up facing the wrong direction.

30 - 33. This area is an emergency exit. If the water level became too high for the workers to get out, they would step into this area and it would teleport them to the surface. Unfortunately, the teleporter has broken down and it will only teleport you to another area within the sewer system. I don't know how we will we ever find our passage out of here.

40. When our guide read "R.A.T.S." he ran in terror. We had to track him down and drag him back. The city sewer map claims that R.A.T.S. stands for Rapid Access Teleport System. I wonder where it will teleport you to.

41. This area appears to be a shuttle of some kind. We pushed the button and the door closed. Then, we pushed the button again and there was a strange sound. What does the inscription on the side wall mean?

51. We were warned by our guide not to push the button on this wall. What does our guide know? I pushed it anyway. I wonder what will happen.

67. This keyhole is different that the others we have run into thus far. Does it require a special key?

Level 3 - Lower Sewer Level (p. 18)

The stench of sewer gas makes our heads spin. Our guide, Bennet, has informed us that this is perfect environment for the kuo-toa. We will have to keep our guard up.

2. We are having a horrible time breathing here. The sewer gas steals our breathe and clouds our vision. We have been wandering this hallway for hours. We can't seem to get our bearings straight.

4. The same stench overcomes us again. If we could just get our bearings, we could make it down the hallway.

12 - 14. There are three tarnished silver locks here. Our guide is sniffing at the center lock, but it is an important part of the scientific method to try each lock, one at a time.

25 - 31. There is a forest of pits and pressure plates in this room. Perhaps if we trigger the pressure plates one at a time, we can explore the whole room. However, I do wonder what is down the pits. Perhaps we could throw Bennet down there and have him take a look.

40. Here we found the remains of a fighter. I wish we glad the facilities or the time to have her resurrected.

46. The sewer gas is so strong here that we passed out. When we came to, we found ourselves in the southeast corner and facing the opposite direction.

48. Bennet translated the rune on the wall here. It reads, "Museum". Imagine, a museum down here. How nice. I just love museums.

56. We had to use up all four of the gems we found to open the passageway. What a waste.

57 - 58. These are broken down teleporters. If you step in these areas they will teleport you to another part of the sewer system.

S - Z. What curious statues. They are very lifelike.

Level 4 - Upper Level Dwarven Ruins (p. 19)

Just as we thought our adventure was coming to an end, we found a stairway leading down to another level. The stone work on this level look nothing like the sewers above. Could these stairs lead to the fabled dwarven ruins? Our hopes are high.

3. The pressure plate through the open door to the south makes Bennet nervous. I think that he is still rattled by the effects of the poison he was hit by in the battle with the giant spider.

12. A new type of key! I think it is of dwarven manufacture.

34. There is an interesting dwarven statue on the far wall. It is in the shape of a gargoyle with one arm raised. Our guide pulled the gargoyle's arm and nothing seemed to happen. Those dwarves are such jokers.

40. There is another gargoyle statue. Bennet, our guide, pulled its arm and a pit closed. I wonder if a pit closed when we pulled the last gargoyle's arm.

59. We have found a strange stone construction with a number of symbols on either side. One symbol seems to be missing.

66. Another gargoyle statue. After a thorough examination, I pulled the arm, but nothing happened. Our guide began getting nervous again, even though there are no spiders in sight. I fear that the multiple spider bites are beginning to effect him.

70. We had a hard time opening this door. Maybe, it requires a special key.

82. As I pulled the chain, our guide's sensitive ears picked up the faint sound of a wall moving.

85. There is a dwarven rune that reads "Emergency Exit". I have no idea what this means.

89. We continue going south. Some of the landmarks are starting to look familiar. I take this as a good sign. However, I don't know how many more spider bites our guide can take.

Level 5 - Dwarven Ruins and Camp (p. 20)

It is amazing! After years of research and hard work. I, Wently Kelso, have discovered the fabled dwarven ruins beneath Waterdeep. We are now prepared to enter the second level. I wonder what treasure we will find.

2 - 3. Our guide has informed us that the rune on the wall reads, "Safe passage". We decided to see how safe it was by pushing our guide into the wall. Amazingly, he passed right through.

14. I am convinced that the door in the west wall of this room will not open from this side. Bennet keeps sniffing around the walls as if he were looking for something.

24. We have found another of those strange stone constructions. This one is missing a different symbol than the one on the level above.

27. There are dwarves down here! One dwarf named Armun, claimed that this area was his lost kingdom. He asked us to help them find Keirgar, a prince, that had been captured by the dwarves' enemies. I told them that we would do what we could to help them with their little quest.

30. We found a very nice dwarf here that tended to a cut I received on my finger. Our guide, Bennet, asked the dwarf to look at a large gash on his head. It is just so hard to find good help these days.

48. There is a strange keyhole here. Perhaps it requires a special key.

72 - 83. We were told by the dwarves to be careful of this area. It was used centuries ago to teleport materials to the surface. Now, the teleporters seem to be interconnected.

Level 6 - Bottom Level of Dwarven Ruins (p. 21)

This level is infested with nasty creatures called the kenku. We have been collecting their eggs for their scientific value. Our guide wanted to crack one open and fry it for breakfast. Somehow, the thought of eating a kenku egg turned my stomach.

3. This area was used for diplomatic meetings. The dwarves would stand on one side of the pressure plate and their enemy would stand on the other side. Both parties would lay down their weapons, and the talks would begin.

10. We met a dark-robed person. He was very unfriendly and would not give us so much as his name. He just stood there glaring at us. I would have challenged him, if we were not in such a hurry.

19. I thing that we found an example of the classic dwarven "dart trap". In such a trap, you step on a pressure plate and darts fly out of the holes. To test my theory I had our brave guide, Bennet, stand in front of the holes, while I step on the plate.

22. Bennet's sensitive nose lead us to this dark pit. Before we could stop him, Bennet scrambled over the edge and into the darkness. We had no choice but to follow him.

33. There is some kind of message on the east wall. Before I can translate the message, Bennet emits his 'I'm hungry' whine. I toss him a packet of rations to keep him quiet. Bennet uses a dart like a make-shift fork and stabs his rations. I turn away in disgust and resume my translation.

Level 7 - Upper Reaches of the Drow (p. 22)

We have found the drow here. These evil dark elves can only be up to no good, but what are they doing down here? It is up to us to unravel this mystery.

1. We were stopped by drow and not allowed to pass. Bennet reluctantly gave his next breakfast to the drow and then we were allowed to go on.

4. When we stepped on this pressure plate we heard a whooshing sound. Luckily, we all ducked begind our guide Bennet, just before the explosion.

15. As we moved forward we heard the whooshing sound again. Again, everyone ducked but Bennet. He doesn't look much the worse for wear, however.

20. When I stepped on this pressure plate, skeletal lords came out of their dens. I raised my hand and ordered the foul beasts to return to their master. This did not seem to have any effect on them.

37. I removed a dart from our guide's chest and placed it on the shelf, but nothing happened. Our guide, Bennet, skulked away and is now sniffing at something over on the north wall.

38. Another pit. I hate pits, but Bennet seems to show no fear at this location.

44 - 57. After a scholarly examination, I believe that these ten 'cells' are cross linked somehow.

63. This looks like the same kind of stone construction we have been running into from time to time. They resemble portals of some kind. All we have to do is determine which item around the portal is missing.

73 - 81. I have found three inscriptions and three levers. I believe that first I will pull the lever which represents the item I want the most.

Level 8 - Drow Outcasts (p. 23)

We have survived the drow encampment. There is no way for us to return to the surface, our only option is to continue going down. The drow seem to be afraid of us. They will not follow us down to the next level.

4. This keyhole seems to require a special key.

17. There is an inscription on the north wall. After some examination, I come to believe that it resembles a gem of some kind.

19. I carefully examine a shelf on the east wall. While I ponder its uses, Bennet is sniffing around one of the south wall. I wish he would stay with the group.

25. I think that Bennet has been underground for too long, he is urging us to go back the way we came.

29. Bennet is causing trouble again, he still wants us to turn around and go back where we came.

46 & 48. Bennet is looking around as if he is confused. This does not surprise me, for I believe that his brain is only slightly larger than that of a grub fish. We go on despite Bennet's confusion.

51. I am continuously fascinated by the intricate pattern of the stones that make up these halls. We stop here so that I can examine them more closely.

54. Our guide read the message on the wall, and became confused again. I believe that the value of an education is wasted on Bennet.

57. I told our guide, Bennet, not to touch the spider button on the west wall, but he accidently slipped and hit it with his head. There was a strange sound and suddenly, we were attacked by many hell hounds. The party ran up the hall to see if the path was clear, while Bennet stayed behind to keep the hell hounds in check. The last utterance I heard from our guide was, "Sit boy! Sit!"

67 - 71. These buttons, pressure plates, and pits seem to be interconnected in a pattern. I will have Bennet trigger each one in turn and record the reactions.

75 & 76. We continued north for quite a ways when passing the first of these points, but after passing the second point, we ran into a dead end.

Level 9 - Lower Reaches of the Drow (p. 24)

We have lost our faithful guide, Bennet. No doubt, he is back on the surface, probably, at the Yawning Portal Inn, enjoying a nice mutton pie and a pint of ale. We, on the other hand, are forced to continue onward and downward.

5 - 7. After a thorough scientific study, I believe that the words on the wall, the shelf, and the button all seem to be connected.

8. I translate the writing on the wall to the east. The wall itself seems solid, so I assume that 'the other side' means the other side of this room.

13. The wall to the west is directly opposite another of those strange stone portals. I am going to examine the wall to test a theory that says proximity to such a portal may lead to changes in the composition of the stones in the wall.

28. I found a dagger in a niche on the wall. I am pleased, it is an exact copy of the dagger I was carrying. But, when I put the new dagger in my belt pouch, I seem to have misplaced my old dagger. Perhaps it was with Bennet when he disappeared.

30. This gem inscription on the wall does not react to any of the gems that we are carrying. Perhaps it will respond to another small solid object.

39 - 42. Although, we were running extremely low on armor and weapons, we found that it was worth the sacrifice to place the required items on the pressure plates.

54. We stepped into this area and darts started flying at us. We no longer had a guide to absorb the attack, so we ran as fast as we could down the hall.

75. I believe I am getting the hang of exploring these halls. We are cut off by pits, but I see a pressure plate. I toss a rock toward the pressure plate to activate it. Before it can activate the plate, the rock turns around in flight. We duck to the side at the last moment to avoid the turncoat missile.

89. A dead end?

Level 10 - Xanathar's Outer Sanctum, Mantis Hive (p. 25)

This level is swarming with mantis warriors. We are low on supplies and our guide is missing. I do not know how we are going to survive. We must continue to go on and, hopefully, find a way out.

4 & 5. To the west is a forest of teleporters and levers. Another problem with a binary solution, we either make it through the teleporters, or we do not.

15. We found our guide, Bennet, chained to the wall with a dwarf. Too bad, we only had time to rescue our guide, but I am sure some other adventurers will come along and rescue the dwarf.

16, 19, & 20. We must be more careful the next time, our guide took massive damage from pushing some of these buttons.

29 - 31. We had to abandon three of our weapons here to open the door. Such a waste seems grossly unfair.

37 - 39. I am exploring the relationship between these levers and the sliding wall. By moving these levers in the proper sequence, I think we can get past the sliding wall.

41. We have searched the whole level and this seems to be the only way down to the lower levels. We looked down the pit and could not see the bottom, so I pushed our guide into it. There was an almost immediate thump. It cannot be that deep.

Level 11 - Xanathar's Outer Sanctum, Lower Reaches (p. 26)

When will this ever end? When will we find our way out? I am afraid that we will never return to the surface and that no one will ever read this marvelous work.

1 - 11. The buttons here seem to rotate the stars on the walls and the openings in the hallways. One of the statements on the walls says that the 'alignment must be true.' Perhaps if we align the stars we can make some progress on this level.

23 - 37. Our guide, Bennet, is continuously confused as we move around these halls. We seem to be circling endlessly, but we also seem to be finding new things as we pass. I am not sure how we missed these things the first times around.

39. Here we found a hallway of levers. "Never leave a letter down!", my mother always told me.

40. Our guide found a dwarven Potion of Healing. He was just about to drink it, when I snatched the vial away from him. Who knows who's lips have touched that potion?

46 & 47. While I translate the writing on the south wall, Bennet is sniffing around the wall over to the west. I am glad to have Bennet back, but his distractions are annoying.

55. We are all exhausted after dodging around the mind flayer. While we catch our breath, Bennet scratches at the wall to the south. I wish he would stop making so much noise, I don't want the mind flayer to return.

Level 12 - Xanathar's Inner Sanctum (p. 27)

We have met the evil crime lord Xanathar and he will not let us leave. We are doomed to stay here forever.

3. The walls in this area are beautiful. The ornamentation is exquisite. If we are doomed to stay here forever, at least we can do so in civilized surroundings.

9. What a curious sensation. After pressing the button on the east wall, we seem to be inside the wall. I wonder if we should go back to the room we were in, or continue through to the next room?

10 & 11. After pushing the buttons on the walls to the east, Bennet became confused again. I believe that he is uncomfortable in these posh surroundings.

13. There is a beautiful ring and a potion here. I thought that the ring would make a nice gift for my sweet heart Miltinda. After I retrieved the ring, my burdens felt somehow lighter.

15. There is a stunning necklace and potion here. Another gift for my puddin cakes, Miltinda. Again, after I retrieved the necklace, it was as if a great weight were taken from me.

20. We were astonished to find an enormous eye floating above a pedestal in this room. What an amazing piece of art. There are two empty pedestals to the right and left of the eye. I wonder what would happen if you placed spherical items on those pedestals?

25 & 27. After pushing the buttons on the walls to the east, Bennet became confused yet again. All this travel has not been good for poor Bennet.

28A. In this location, we find the items that had disappeared from the pedestal. I am glad that they were not lost forever.

42. While we examined everything in this room, our guide, Bennet, sulked in the north west corner and scratched at the north wall. As I looked over at his mangy form, I realized that Bennet actually has a rather noble profile. Perhaps I have just been underground too long.

45. This is my last entry. We have met Xanathar and that is all that I can say.

46. Our guide, Bennet, crossed a light beam in this area and was hit in the head by a giant fireball. For a brief moment, he looked just like a dwarven torch.

49. Our guide, Bennet, tripped over my extended foot and crossed another light beam. Huge spikes came crashing down on him. Luckily, he was able to turn sideways and the spikes only took off an inch of skin from his chest and back.

55 & 56. After pushing the buttons on the walls to the east, Bennet became confused yet a third time.

58. When we stepped into this room, three stone golems came out to greet us. Our guide somehow offended them and they attacked us. Of course, we ran away.

############################################################################ ############################################################################


Solving puzzles is an important part of completing EYE OF THE BEHOLDER. The following are some ideas to use while trying to solve puzzles. If you are having trouble with a specific puzzle, you can get additional help in the Hints section. If you are still stumped, you can check out the answer to the puzzle in the Solutions section.

Keep Track of Buttons & Levers

Some puzzles are activated in one part of the dungeon and executed in another part. Record the position of any button or lever that has no obvious function. If you can't seem to get through an area, go back and change these buttons or levers one at a time to see if they make it any easier to get through.

Look For Writing On The Wall

If you can't seem to get through an area, look for writing on the walls in this area. Often, writing on a side wall is difficult to spot. Some writing may only be read if the party has a character of a specific race.

Look For Hidden Buttons On The Walls

Always check the walls for secret and hidden buttons and bricks. Moving sideways down a wall will often make hidden buttons easier to spot.

Keep Your Eye On The Compass

Watch the compass as the party moves. There are a number of traps that change the party's facing. Teleporters often reveal themselves when the party's facing changes.

Leave a Trail of 'Bread Crumbs'

If you suspect the party is being teleported when moving through an area, throw an item past the suspected teleporter. Watch the item as you move through the area. The item will 'disappear' when the party teleports.

Save the Game

Save the game anytime you think that something could happen that would hurt the party. Save the game at the beginning of each level. If a puzzle is difficult to solve, save the game and then try different solutions. If the monsters are attacking the party thick and fast, save the game and try different strategies. If things are getting really tough, save before opening doors.

Go on

When all else fails, go on with the game. The party does not have to open every door, fight every monster, and obtain every item to win the game. Mark down any areas that the party bypasses. If the party gets stumped in a later area, or needs an item to go on, come back and try the puzzle again.