Eternal Dagger/Wizard's Crown Dungeon Maps

All maps on this page are Andrew Schultz (3/7/2001), were hosted at Geocities which as of 10/26/2009 is no longer online. Attempts to contact Andrew Schultz to ask about duplication have been unsuccessful as his listed email is no longer active. If you are Andrew Schultz you can contact me at email

The maps are mostly as you see them in the game, except impenetrable blank squares are marked
Wizard's Crown Maps
Guild in town Old Thieves' Guild(1) Old Thieves' Guild(2) Gozaroth's Mansion(1)
Gozaroth's Mansion(2) Gozaroth's Mansion(3) Tarmon's Castle(1) Tarmon's Castle(2)
Tarmon's Castle(3) Tarmon's Castle(4) Tarmon's Castle(5) Tarmon's Castle(6)
Wizards Crown Outside Map
Eternal Dagger Maps
Necromancer's Cave(1) Necromancer's Cave(2) Alvis's Tower(1) Alvis's Tower(2)
Grey Eagle's Aery Magoomba's Grove Waddling Turtle's Hut Koruy
SRI's lair(1) SRI's lair(2) Enolho(Underwater) Demon World
Eternal Dagger Outside Map