About this CRPG directory...

This CRPG directory is meant to focus on (mostly) party based, turn based, dungeon crawlers. It is not meant to be a complete list of all CRPG's ever made. You will find that this CRPG directory is a combination of classic old school crpg's, new crpg's that are styled after the old classics, some featured roguelikes and other rare oddities, along with many downloads, manuals, cluebooks, extras, screenshots, in game graphics displayed on game pages, links to blogs, wiki's, forums, other downloads, and basically anything related to classic CRPG's or new CRPG's made in the style of the classics. This is the new site location of the old icestorm9999 CRPG directory site. Our new home, crpg shrine, and holy grail of crpg goodness. An ever continuous work of progress, and hopefully a place of good reference and fun. This site is not a commercial site (hence it is .net instead of .com), but rather a site put together by a few loyal CRPG fans that truly enjoy the genre and want a go-to archive of as many classic style CRPG's that we can find.

If you have suggestions for the site or know of some new old school style turn based dungeon crawler that deserves mentioning, or have anything to say about the site in general, feel free to comment, either in the guestbook or on twitter. Or if you just want to jump to the CRPG directory, click the link below.

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